Inneres II - Hochschulgruppen

Valentina Kirsch

Hello, I am Valentina. I'm a Master's student in Technomathematics and I'm here to help you.

I mainly take care of the numerous university groups, answer questions about formalities and help with problems and organisational matters. In particular, I accept the registration of new university groups and answer any questions.

I will continue the previous projects, especially for closer cooperation between the university groups. For example, there will continue to be an annual roundtable (this year probably online) for all university groups and the "Engagier Dich!" project will be taken forward.

I am currently also working on the registration of new university groups.

I am also working on standard templates for the annual reports/feedback, so that it will be easier for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions on any of the topics or new ideas, just drop me a line ;-)

Tasks I take on as a university group officer:

  • Support and accompany the O-Phase from the AStA side
  • Register and re-register university groups, i.e. check admission requirements and statutes
  • Process room applications and other questions from university groups
  • Manage the university group lockers in the Learning Centre
  • Forward information from various KIT facilities to appropriate groups
  • Create an "Get involved" booklet with information about university groups
0721 608 48460