Ecology (vacant)


The ecology department wants to keep the university a nice and healthy living environment for all the people on the the campus. We see the university as a part of the city and the ecosystem of our planet, which should benefit and not suffer from our facility. That is what we want to work for.

Possible tasks and fields of activity:

  • Lawn of the Forum: Restoration and future arrangement
  • Bike trailer rental
  • Nextbike and bike rental
  • Repair shop for bikes
  • Contact to KIT-Zukunftscampus
  • Communication to Netzwerk Nachhaltigkeit
  • Assisting sustainable and ecological student groups
  • KIT-Nachhaltigkeitstage
  • Project public refrigerator
  • Follow up the development of the air conditioning, spreading the KIT-Webformulars für Störungen

You want to be part of it? Hit us up!