Internal affairs

David Kuhmann and Theresa Antes



we are David and Theresa. We study Informatics and Electrical Engineering. In this legislative period we are the internal affairs council of the AStA and are responsible for the student councils, university groups and comitees at the KIT.

This includes the contact to student councils and to the conference of the student councils which we try to visit. If you need help with the KIT or other conferences of the KIT feel free to contact us. Furthermore, we take care of the execution of the orientation week(s) for the new students.

We are dedicated to the problematic room situation and try to get rooms for the different groups and their events. The problem with rooms for studying is known to us and we try to minmize it especially at the beginning of the exams.

Another part of our work is supporting the different representatives of the student body in councils of the university and supporting the university groups which are registered with us.
Having much experience with work in student councils, university groups and different councils, we think we are a good party for the internal affair council. We always like to meet new people and are open for questions.

0721 60848460