Student Councils (Fachschaften)

Adrian Keller

I'm Adrian Keller, 19 years old and I'm in my 5th semester of computer science. I'm currently the internal affairs officer for committees, student bodies and political education and a StuPa deputy.

Since 22.10.2019, I have occupied the department and therefore look after committees, student bodies and political education. I am also the deputy chairperson.

I would like to use my experience to work towards good cooperation within the AStA, but also within the student body and with KIT. It is especially important to me to keep the student body functioning, even in the current tense pandemic situation.

Before that, I was the Press and Public Relations Officer and from 04.06.2019 to 18.08.2020, I was the Deputy Finance Officer.

Tasks of the internal department for committees, student bodies and political education:

  • Report on the work of the Executive Board to the StuPa and the FSK.
  • Representing the Executive Board to the StuPa, FSK and Council of Elders
  • Organise the meetings of the Executive Board
  • Provide the elected committee representatives with everything they need for their work after their election and support them in their work
  • Advising student representatives and supporting them with regard to O-phases
  • Offering political education, especially in the context of elections deal with enquiries from the StuPa
  • Responsibility within the board for matters concerning the bodies, the working groups, as well as the statutes and regulations
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