University Groups / Student Groups

University Groups (Hochschulgruppen) are student organizations at the KIT that work voluntary. Currently there are about 100 University Groups registered at the AStA. The multidisciplinary groups do much voluntary work in different sectors. Contact the department of Internal Affairs for further details.

The Regulations for University Groups (Hochschulgruppenordnung) of the student body apply to all University Groups.

"Get involved!" project

To get an overview of all the different university groups have a look at the Engagier-Dich-Seite (German). There is also a "Get involved booklet" each autumn.

Registration and Re-registration of Student Groups

You can register at the AStA as an official student group. To do so you have to meet some requirements. Each year you have to re-register. (furter information in German: Anerkennung und Rückmeldung).

The AStA supports and helps student groups:

  • Rooms (for meetings and events):

    As registered student group it's possible to use rooms of the university for events and there are some other rooms to use for meetings.

  • Cupboards (storage space)

    Registered student groups have the opportunity to use cupboards in the "Lernzentrum".

  • Rental Services:

    Student groups are allowed to use the Rental Services (German) of the AStA. You can borrow pavilions, a projector, Glühweinkocher ("Glühwein" heater), walkie-talkies ...

  • Further Information (advertising, financial support...):

    At the Wiki you can find information about advertising, financial support, put up posters on the campus, student groups round table, FAQs (insurance...) and more.

The list of student groups and further information is currently available in German only.

Contact: Internal Affairs

Warning: English is not our mother tounge. We try to provide infomation in English, but in doubt always the German version applys. We are grateful for hints concerning mistakes or misleading wordings. (Mail)