(Re-)Registration of Student Groups

Student Groups can be officially accepted by the AStA.  This is done to help the work of these groups at the KIT. Essentially this contains the use of rooms and the corresponding infrastructure for events. Student Groups can borrow many things (from AKK, AStA, Fachschaften ...) and they may organize information stands in front of the AKK.

On the other side the group commits itself to comply the regulations of the Hochschulgruppenordnung (document available in German only).

The work has to be in the interest of the students of the KIT and the main focus has to be at the university. Furthermore there are some regulations.

The applicant organisation has to submit the following documents:

  • The filled out and signed registration formular;
  • a statute of the organization (for regulations please refer to the Hochschulgruppenordnung);
  • if applicable: annex of the statute;
  • Name and address of the board or speaker of the organisation;
  • List of the ordinary members including information about enrolment at an university or college

The documents can be submitted at the office during the opening hours, put directly into the letter box in front of the office or sent by post.

The application is rejected if

  • the documents (see above) are not complete;
  • less than 50% of the ordinary members of the organization are matriculated at the KIT;
  • the number of members is less than 5, this does not apply to political groups;
  • the main focus is not at the KIT or its area;
  • the group is not managed by students ("studentischer Verwaltung");
  • the pupose of the organization does contradict the §§ 2-4 LHG;
  • the pupose of the organization does contradict legal norms;
  • the condact of members during activities of the organisation does severely contradict legal norms;
  • the members of the organization violate rules of condact within the university, in particular between students;
  • the organization works commercial (gewerblich or eigenwirtschaftlich).

The AStA checks the requirements. The organization has to submit the corresponding documents. In particular the AStA is permitted to examine the finances of the organisation. The organisation is bound to carefully keep records of all financial matters. If a review shows that the organisation does not comply to the rules above, the registration can be revoked at any time.

Duration of the Registration as a AStA Student Group:

The one-time approval does not include a basic entitlement to the status as a registered student group. The registration as student group ends at the 31th december of each year and has to be renewed each year.

To re-register the group has to submit the following documents in due time:

  • The filled out and signed registration formular
  • written notice with the current management board or speaker
  • List of the ordinary members including information about enrolment at an university or college
  • annual report for the work of the last year
  • if applicable: the new version of the statute of the organization
  • if applicable: the new postal address

The registration as a student group ends, if the documents are not submitted timely. As soon as the documents are complete the registration is renewed.

Please contact the department of Internal Affairs for help.

Warning: English is not our mother tounge. We try to provide infomation in English, but in doubt always the German version applys. We are grateful for hints concerning mistakes or misleading wordings. (Mail)