New AStA elected

On Tuesday 20th November 2018 the Students Parliament elected a new AStA.

The Students Parliament elected:

  • Chair: Xenia Hartmann
  • Finance: Sarah Schmitz
  • Internal Affairs I - Students Councils: Henrik von Tenspolde
  • International Affairs: Amr Al-barq
  • Ecology: Benjamin Kistenmacher
  • Press and Public Relations: Adrian Keller
  • Culture: Johannes Zimmer

Unfortunately the following Departments are vacant and the new AStA would be glad if someone would take a Department and support it.

  • External Affairs
  • Social Affairs
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Internal Affairs II - University Groups

On 22. November 2018 the first session of the new AStA took place.
The following people where elected to the extended board for the following Departments:

  • Finance: Jonas Grutke
  • Internal Affairs II - Hochschulgruppen: Theresa Antes