Vergabekommission der Notlagenhilfe

The Notlagenhilfe granting commission processes applications for financial assistance in emergency situations according to (§35a OSVS). It acts in accordance with the Notlagenzuschussvergabeordnung

It consists of four members with voting rights as well as two substitutes, who are elected for one year by the student parliament.

The members of the granting commission during the term of office 01.04.2023 - 31.03.2024 are:

  • Julia Eberwein
  • Robin Oehler
  • Sören Finna
  • Gabriel Lienhard
  • Annika Denner (1. Substitute)
  • Sarah Schmitz (2. Substitute)

You can contact the granting commission by e-mail at The Social Affairs Counceling will gladly advise you when writing your application.

FAQs Notlagenhilfe


In order to avoid that fellow students have to discontinue their studies due to short-term financial hardship, students can apply for emergency grants from the student body.

For whom?

KIT students who unexpectedly find themselves in a short-term financial emergency that endangers the continuation of their studies.

How much?

During an interview, the commission identifies the individual needs of the applicant. The maximum funding amount per month corresponds to the BAföG maximum rate excluding health insurance subsidy.

For how long?

The emergency grant will be granted for up to two months, depending on needs. Extension for a further month is possible and requires an extension application.

How does it work?

Fill in the application form (see below) and deposit it in the cabinet of the Notlagenhilfe granting commission at the AStA or send it to When submitting an application for emergency assistance, Social Affairs Counseling will gladly advise you.
Once your application is received, the commission will examine it and contact you. In an interview with the granting commission, you will then have the opportunity to explain your situation in detail, answer questions from the commission and get answers to any questions you may have. Generally, the granting commission will decide on your application after this interview and you will be informed of the decision immediately.
The commission seeks to process complete applications within one week.

What needs to be submitted?

Signed application form (see below), overview of the financial situation with relevant supporting documents, description of the emergency situation and how it came about, certificate of enrollment and proof of health insurance. The application includes a checklist where you can find everything required in detail.

Who is the granting commission?

The commission is always elected for one year by the student parliament. All members are bound to secrecy. If you know a member of the granting commission more closely and do not want this member to deal with your case, you can easily exclude him or her directly with the application for a bias. A member biased by family or acquaintance will not receive any information about the respective application and cannot participate in the decision.

How does the granting commission decide?

A decision is made on the basis of the information in the application and your personal statement in a non-public session.
An application can only be approved if the financial emergency has occurred unexpectedly and if funds from the student body's emergency aid have not already been paid out to you within the last 18 months.

Who funds the Notlagenhilfe?

The student body, i.e. all of us together in solidarity with a maximum of 1,50 € per student and year taken from the semester fee (VS-Anteil). A budget is set aside in the yearly budget of the authored student body for this purpose. If this budget is exhausted, no further grants are possible in a given financial year.
The student body also accepts anonymous donations for the emergency aid budget.

How can I support the Notlagenhilfe?

Financially, by making a donation to the account of the authored student body with the purpose „Donation Notlagenhilfe".
If you are interested in helping your fellow students by becoming a member of the granting commission yourself, let us know with an email to