In summer the elections of the students‘ union at KIT take place. Once a year the students‘ parliament (Studierendenparlament or shorter StuPa) and the student council of the faculties (Fachschaftsvorstand) are to be elected. Every registered student is eligible to vote and may do so on almost any of the ballot boxes spread around the campus. At least one ballot box is open on lunch time in the canteen (Mensa) and several other ballot boxes are to be found in the AKK students‘ café, the faculty buildings and as mobile ballot boxes in front of some large lecture halls. For the students‘ parliament eclection every student has one vote for a party (Listenstimme) which determines how many seats are allocated to the party and five votes for candidates (Kandidierendenstimmen). Those votes for the candidates determine the order of the candidates within the party: the candidate with the most votes takes the first seat of the party, the candidate with the second most votes takes the second seat and so on until all seats are filled. The remaining candidates serve as follow-ups if a candidate with more votes ceases to be a member of the parliament. You can accumulate up to five votes on the same candidate and spread them among all parties as you like. You don‘t have to cast all your votes.

For the election of the student council of the faculty the number of votes you have depends on the faculty. You may give up to two votes to the same candidate. You don‘t have to cast all your votes.

The new students‘ parliament that you elect will in turn task and elect the General Students' Committee (AStA) which represents the interests of the students before the KIT, government and society. It supports student organisations and student councils of the faculties in their work. The General Students' Committee also provides services to all students such as advice, counselling, German language courses, van-rental, a repair shop, a photographic laboratory and many more.

The results can be found on this website (in German).