Student Parliament (StuPa)

The Student Parliament (StuPa) is the decision-making body of the constituted student body. It consists of 25 deputies who belong to different political lists. Its tasks include the election of the speakers of the AStA, amendments to the statutes, decisions on the budget of the student body and the appointment of official university-wide committees. The Student Parliament meets in public, guests are always welcome! During the semester, the meetings usually take place every two weeks (see dates).

Your participation: Questions, elections, requests ...

  • The elections take yearly place in the summer semester. All enrolled students are eglible to vote. (
  • .The meetings of the Student Parliament are generally opened with a question and answer session, during which all people present have the opportunity to question the bodies of the student body
  • New: Since 14.06.2022, all students at KIT are in principle entitled to submit requests. According to the Rules of Procedure (GO), applications should be received in writing by the Presidium five days before a meeting.

Current work

The regular meeting dates for the term of office of the StuPa 2022/23 are:

  • 08.11.2022 (Election of the new board (=AStA)
  • 22.11.2022
  • 06.12.2022
  • 20.12.2022
  • 10.01.2023
  • 24.01.2023
  • 07.02.2023 (Meeting for 1st budget consultation)
  • 14.02.2023 (Meeting for 2nd budget consultation)
  • 14.03.2023 (Holiday meeting Arch)
  • 18.04.2023 (Holiday Meeting April)
  • 02.05.2023
  • 16.05.2023
  • 30.05.2023
  • 13.06.2023
  • 27.06.2023
  • 11.07.2023 (10-year StuPa anniversary on July 9)
  • 25.07.2023
  • 22.08.2023 (Holiday meeting August)
  • 19.09.2023 (Holiday meeting September, )Resolution on recommendations of the Honorary Commission (Ehrenkommission)

Information about the next meeting, including the agenda and any requests, can be found - as soon as the meeting has been invited - at the start page.

To get the latest information and invitations to meetings, you can subscribe to the Student Parliament mailing list. Here you can subscribe to the mailing list.

Members of the student parliament

The members of the following lists are currently represented in the student parliament:

StuPa PräsidiumPräsidium

The presidium is responsible for the organization of the meetings and is the contact for questions, suggestions and official communications to the StuPa.

The presidium currently consists of Daniel Wurche (president), Linus Brauer (deputy) and Thilo Hoffmann (deputy).


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