German language courses

As a preparoty courses for the students, in order to get the chance to study at the university we are offering a German language courses starting from level B1. The courses are taking place 3 times a year. Find further information on the German website.


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All the information about the German courses can be found on the Deutschkurs-Flyer .






Depending on the country in which the students have graduated from high school, foreign students must finish the Studienkolleg before they can start their studies.

Requirements for admission to the Studienkolleg: Studienkolleg am KIT
More information about DSH and studying at kit:


Voraussetzungen für ein Studium am KIT für internationale Studierende


The goal of language courses from the SSV is to help all foreign new students to prepare quickly and inexpensively the DSH and TestDaf examinations at German universities. The German course is cost-effective calculated, but does not generate profit.