The General Student's Committe (AStA) offers the following counselling services free of charge. All questions discussed in the counselling are treated confidentially and will not be shared with any other people, especially not with officials of the KIT. We offer:

  • Lawyer information talk: Information by an experienced lawyer.

  • Counseling for international students: Counseling for all students from abroad or with an immigration background. (Visa, housing search, insurances and much more)

  • Social counseling: Counseling in case of problems during studies or private or financial problems. (BAföG, study financing in general, housing search, ...)

  • Equal opportunity counseling: Counseling in cases of sexual or cultural discrimination against faculty and other students, gender equality issues, studying with a child, pregnancy, studying with physical or mental limitations

  • Queer counseling: counseling on issues such as coming out, discrimination, harassment, etc.

  • Advice for university groups: The AStA Internal Affairs Department is responsible for questions regarding university groups. (Formalities, registration of university groups, associations...)

  • Study advice: If you have questions about your studies, it is best to contact your student council, as they know your studies best.