Jan Koppenhagen

Hi, I'm Jan.
I'm an information technology student here at Kit, interested in student culture, events, and event technology.
In my free time, I'm involved in the AStA and Akk, and I also like to play games, work on small computer science projects, and organise parties.
Unfortunately I don't have any office hours, so just write me or call me if you want to talk to me.

What I do as a culture officer

  • Contact for cultural groups, support their projects
  • Contact with the KIT, the city and other agencies regarding culture
  • Initiating own and joint cultural projects
  • Improve communication between cultural groups, organisers, sponsors

What else could be done as a culture officer [if I had limitless time.... [or someone helps me ;)]

  •  Publish a cultural magazine or a cultural calendar
  •  Organise a student cultural festival (maybe in the week before Unifest?)
  •  Advocate for more spaces for culture in the city
  •  And much more, if you have a good idea, get in touch!

What I do at Unifest:

  • Mainly responsible for organising the biggest voluntary, student festival in Southern Germany
  • Coordinate the Orga Team (FestKo) together with Nicoletta
    • Over the winter semester, lead the preparations: Booking, advertising concept, rooms, security concept,...
    • Over the summer semester, lead the hot phase with various tasks
    • At the Unifest: Work a lot, sleep little and always keep the overview
0721 18123800