German Courses

Julia Eberwein

The person responsible for the German course

Hi, my name is Julia and I am studying chemistry and science and technology as a teacher in my 5th bachelor's semester. After my active time at the AStA and the Unifest, I take care of the AStA's German courses since 2020.

My job is to coordinate the German courses in cooperation with our German teachers, our financiers and the AStA counter. Among other things, I take care of the application for the courses, the documents for authorities and the coordination of the process with our German teachers.

If you are interested in one of our German courses, you can find more information at

If there are any questions, whishes or suggestions feel free to contact me, as you can find my contact down below.

Unfortunately, due to the corona situation, I can only offer face-to-face consultation hours by making an appointment in advance. Please send an email to the day before at 6 p.m.


16:00-18:00 by phone or after prior registration
12:00-14:00 by phone or after prior registration