Press and Public Relations

Davis Riedel

About me

Hello, my name is Davis Riedel. I am currently studying computer science here at KIT in the 7th Bachelor semester. Since November 8th, 2022 I have been the press and public relations officer at the AStA. Before that, I was part of the department for external affairs and university politics.

About the office

As press and public relations officer, I am responsible for the communication between the student body (VS) and the public. This includes the classical press as well as our social media channels and our website. I also regularly publish our student magazine, the "Ventil".

Good public relations for the VS requires close cooperation and consultation with the various VS committees. According to the motto "Do good and talk about it", it is crucial that the valuable work that is done in the VS is also publicized. This includes incorporating the suggestions I receive from the VS committees into my work, but also advising students, student councils and university groups on public relations issues.

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