Equal Opportunities

Amal Labbouz

Hello, I'm Amal and I'm currently in my third master's semester of industrial engineering.

As an Equal Opportunities Officer, I am the contact person for students in all cases of inequality and discrimination.
Studying can be very stressful on its own. When structural disadvantages at the university are added to that, it's an additional burden for many students that shouldn't be there.
In my projects, I want to make sure that our university can be a place for everyone. To this end, I am joining forces with various actors at the university (e.g. the KIT Equal Opportunities Office, the Studierendenwerk and university groups).

In the future, there should also be more education and awareness-raising about different forms of discrimination.

The activities of the Equal Opportunities Office are as diverse as the forms of discrimination.

Projects and tasks of the unit include:

- advising and supporting students with family responsibilities
- promoting equality of all gender identities
- addressing the concerns of students with physical or mental disabilities and compensating them for disadvantages
- support and advise students who encounter incomprehension and discrimination because of their sexual orientation
- Support students who are discriminated against because of their actual or ascribed origin, religion or skin colour.
- together with the Department for Social Affairs, support students who are disadvantaged on the basis of social origin


If you have any suggestions or questions, please let us know! Just send an email to Chancengleichheit@asta-kit.de
If you have any concerns or ideas on how we can make our university a safe place for everyone, I would be very happy to hear from you.

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